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Cross Connection Program
Program Inspector and Surveyor: Ed Vieweg

Telephone: 978-858-0345     

The purpose of this program is to ensure that the water system remains safe even during events, such as pipe breaks and water flow reversal, that might draw in contaminants or pollutants from various sources.

Devices, called backflow preventors, are placed in the water lines to prevent the reversal of water flow and to break the siphoning action. These devices are required to have periodical inspections to ensure proper operation.

All industrial, commercial, institutional, municipal, and agricultural facilities will (or already have been) surveyed for placement of these devices for your protection. It is the owner's responsibility to ensure that no cross connections can occur between the water system and a connection where contaminants or pollutants can be drawn into the water system.

Examples of a cross connection:

A hose left in a pool or slopsink.

A pipe used to add water to process containing poisonous materials.

Dental Chairs with spit sinks.

Make up water supplies on forced hot water systems with anti-freeze.

Fire Lines supplying water to sprinkler heads.

The list continues.... When a pipe breaks or if a fire engine uses water, low pressure can cause the water to reverse direction; pulling contaminants into the water line. Does your facility have a cross connection?

For the plumbers and facility owners.......

You may see the regulations from MADEP by clicking here

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