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Sewer Connections
The Engineering Department is responsible for issuing permits to construct, repair, extend, or connect to the municipal sanitary sewer system per approved plans. The required permit will only be issued to an individual who is officially approved by the Town. The list of Approved Drainlayers is available here and at the Community Development Office at 999 Whipple Road. Instructions for becoming an Approved Drain Layer in Tewksbury can be found by clicking here.

You must use this Drain Layers list to select a contractor to connect your building to the Town's sewer system.

Local contractors on the Approved Drain Layers list are qualified to make the connection to sewer. You DO NOT need to hire a Professional Engineer to do this work. You are free to do that if you choose to, but you will be paying for much more expertise than is required. In other towns, some firms have been advertising their services for connections. An Engineer is not required for this work.

The following information to connect to the sewer system is available here online and in the Community Development Office.

There is a $60 sewer application fee. Please bring that with you to the Community Development office. (If you pick this up at the Department of Public Works office, you will get a "yellow" form.)

There is a $40 fee for the Plumbing Inspection. Please bring that with you to the Community Development office. Allow time for the inspection and any necessary plumbing work when setting your schedules.