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Information on Phase 7
Phase 7 (Contracts 22, 23, 24 and 25)     
as of  September 18, 2007
All 4 contracts in Phase 7 have been turned over to the Town. If you live in this area you should have received a letter telling you that you can now connect to the system.

This list breaks out Phase 7 into the four contracts that will be used for construction. The contract numbers are 22, 23, 24 and 25. (Due to some surveying delays, Contracts 23 and 24 have been reversed in the schedule.) This takes the large area of Phase 7 and makes four smaller, more manageable areas.

Photos from Phase 7

Phase 7 Project Summary
Four Construction contracts
Approximately 119,000 LF (22.6 miles) of gravity sewer
8 pumping stations
Approximately 10,000 LF of force main
EIR approval required for construction
ConCom, DEP (WQC), Army Corps of Engineers approvals required for construction.

Phase 7 Schedule
Field Survey                              March to Oct 2003
Design Contract #22               May to Dec 2003
Design Contract #24               Aug 2003 to Jan 2004
Design Contract #23               Oct 2003 to April 2004
Design Contract #25               Nov 2003 to May 2004

Bidding Contract #22              Jan to March 2004
Bidding Contract #24              Feb to April 2004
Bidding Contract #23              May to July 2004
Bidding Contract #25              Jun to Aug 2004

 Phase 7 Contract 22 Schedule (2004)
Advertise Bids                                      January 29
Plans available to contractors          
Bids received and opened                February 26
Recommendation to Award              March
Execute Construction Agreement    April
Pre-Construction Conference          May 20
Public Information Meeting               May 19  7:00pm @ TMHS Aud.
Mobilize/Begin Construction             June 1

     Phase 7 Contract 24 Schedule:
Job advertised                                      April 2, 2004
Bid opening                                          April 29, 2004 

Recommendation to Award               May
Execute Construction Agreement     May
Pre-Construction Conference           May 20
Public Information Meeting                May 19  7:00pm @ TMHS Aud.
Mobilize/Begin Construction             June 15

Phase 7 Contract 23 Schedule:
Job advertised                                     June
Bid opening                                         July 22 

Recommendation to Award                 August
Execute Construction Agreement     
Pre-Construction Conference            
Public Information Meeting               Oct 12 7:30 @ TMHS Aud.
Mobilize/Begin Construction             Mid October         

Phase 7 Contract 25 Schedule:
Job advertised                                     June
Bid opening                                          July 29  

Recommendation to Award              August
Execute Construction Agreement     
Pre-Construction Conference             
Public Information Meeting               Oct 12 7:30 @ TMHS Aud.
Mobilize/Begin Construction             Mid November    



 Phase 7 has been completed. All pumping stations are up and running. Over 1,300 properties can now connect to the Town's sewer system. Some of the streets received final paving in 2005 and 2006; the balance will be done in 2007.