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Appliance, Electronic and Furniture Pickup Information
Furniture and White Goods
Must be at curbside by 7AM on day of scheduled pickup

Furniture - Bulky Items
For example:  Sofas, Loveseats, Large Living Room Chairs, Carpet, Mattresses (types of furniture).
NO extra charge.
Call Republic Services at 1-800-442-9006 to schedule a FREE pickup

White Goods
for example: Televisions, Computer - Monitors, Water Heaters, Tires, Other Metal Items
There IS a charge for this service. These items will not be picked up unless you call Call Republic Services at 1-800-442-9006 to schedule a pickup.
No Refunds

Listed below are more options: (The Town of Tewksbury does not endorse these companies)

Support Dana-Farber and the Jimmy Fund by

Protect the planet by donating electronics such as used iPhones, smartphones, laptops, videogames, and much more to the Jimmy Fund.

Upcycling is easy – visit the Jimmy Fund Upcycling page today to enter the items you want to contribute then drop them in the mail with a pre-paid shipping label. You can give individual devices or get your friends, family, or business involved in bulk upcycling.

Electronics contain toxic pollutants that can cause cancer and other serious health effects. Help eliminate this cancer causing e-waste: When you contribute your used electronics they are refurbished and re-sold to create funding for research and care at Dana-Farber.

National Grid will pick up and recycle your old, second refrigerator or freezer for free, plus they'll give you $$ as a special bonus! For your FREE pick up, call 1-877-545-4113 or click here!
They will remove your refrigerator or freezer from anywhere in your home, as long as there is a clear path for our technicians.
Conserve energy, clear up space in your home, and get some easy money!

Enjoy the savings.
• Old refrigerators use up to four times more electricity than new ones.
• By eliminating your old, second fridge or freezer, you could save up to $150 a year in electric costs!
• Get a check for recycling one old, second refrigerator or freezer.
• No hauling or disposal charges to worry about!

ASPHALT SHINGLES - Rooftop Recycling Inc., 369 Codman Hill Rd., Boxborough 978-263-1899
NON-ALKALINE BATTERIES & LAPTOP COMPUTERS - Rechargeable batteries should NOT be thrown out in the regular trash. These include small batteries used in watches, hearing aids, calculators, cell phones, cameras, pacemakers, etc.; many contain metals that are harmful when released through incineration. Please bring them down to the collection containers at one of the following locations: Library, Senior Center, Enterprise Bank (1120 Main St.), Rite Aid (935 Andover St. and 1777 Main St.), Rogers Hearing Solutions (461 Main St.), Tewksbury Paint & Hardware (853 Main St.), Police Station, and Tewksbury Camera & Repair (1215 Main St. Button, NICAD or Laptops – Any Radio Shack, or call Republic Services 800-442-9006 and schedule a pickup - Fee Charged
ELECTRONICS- Best Buy and Staples have great electronics recycling program established, see their web site for more information and a list of more items they take. Republic Services also picks up - call 800-442-9006 to schedule a pickup - Fee Charged
FLUORESCENT LIGHTS- Aubuchon Hardware, 2261 Main St. 978-657-9333 - DPW, 999 Whipple Road, Mon – Fri 8:30 – 3pm
HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE – Closest facility in area: Minuteman Hazardous Waste Products Facility, 60 Hartwell Ave., Lexington. For more information: - Fee Charged
TIRES Schlott Tire Co., 663 Main St., Tewksbury 978-858-0181 - Fee Charged
Republic Services 1-800-442-9006 - Fee Charged, or CMMCP Used Tire Program 
TIRES, BATTERIES & METALS, ETC. Penny’s Auto & Junk Yard, 11 Kittredge Ave., Tewksbury 978-851-5351

Sharps Disposal
Current options for disposal of "sharps" (e.g., medical syringes) include drop-off at the Tewksbury Health Dept (999 Whipple Rd.) and the Central Fire Station next to Town Hall.  The container must only contain sharps and must be rigid, leak proof, shatterproof, and puncture-resistant (consider something like a thick plastic detergent bottle).  There is a fee per container which covers the cost of disposal.  2011 fees: 2 gallon container (maximum size) - $15; 1 gallon container - $8; quart and under fee - $5.  Cash payments are not accepted.  Checks or money orders should be made payable to the Town of Tewksbury.  Collection hours:  Health Dept. - M-Th 8-9:30 am and 2:30-4 pm; Central Fire Station - M-F 8 am to 4 pm.  For more information, please contact the Board of Health.
Another option is with the Lowell Health Department at 341 Pine Street in Lowell.  For further information, call 978-970-4010 Ext. (9) 4304.
Big news on Styrofoam recycling from ReFoamIt!  You can now drop off at their Ayer facility....or wait for a local event to occur.  
Check out their website:

Books, Videos, CDs, DVDs, Records/LPs, Sport Cards, Computer Software and Games, Comic Books
Got Books Drop off container behind Town Hall, Schools and Library
Board of Health, 175 Chandler St, Mon-Fri 8AM–4:30PM
Kiosk in Police Station Lobby, 918 Main Street. Available 24/7. Medication in sealed plastic bags that will fit in Kiosk slot only. Do not include liquids or sharps.
Thermometers & Thermostats
Board of Health, 175 Chandler St, Mon-Fri 8AM–4:30PM
Donate: , or contact a private hauler - a fee will be charged.
DRIED Latex based paint (kitty litter helps speed drying or “Waste Paint Hardener”) and then dried paint can be placed in plastic bags before discarding in the Trash
Oil based paint is hazardous waste and can be disposed of at:
Drop off container in parking lot at D.P.W. 999 Whipple Road - 3rd Saturday every month